Chocolate Chamber

Chocolate Chamber

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A 4oz jar of sugar and coffee scrub mix. This scrub is combined with oils similar to our body’s molecular structure to help rehydrate skin while offering a profound exfoliating experience. This can help with stretch marks, keratosis pilaris, wrinkles, fine lines, lighten hyperpigmentation, reverse skin damage, & more!

Works great in conjunction with breast care products to offer more effective results.

      1.Take some of the scrub out into hand or on a cloth

      2. Scrub body in a circular motion until sugar has dissolved

      3. Rinse off remaining scrub

      4. Use scrub in shower for best results

      5. Usage should be 1 to 2 times a week

Ingredients:  Coffee, Cane Sugar, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Nibs, Honey, Licorice Root, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vanilla Oil

We recommend the use of Chocolate Chamber on fresh clean skin this will aid in the best results.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing people, amazing products! Couldn’t be happier with my results!!!

Rosa Garcia
Love it

I really like your product even if havent seen a lot of results but in my case i think i just need to keep using it longer not ever one body is the same but i do plan in ordering more just to have it ready i still have a lot but i do like it alot i just need to be more consistent ...

Edith Rockmen

I love the product need more charcoal scrub again


This stuff has a rich coffee smell that I just love! And it makes my skin extremely soft!!!😁