Perky Princess Breast Cream - 21Royalties
Perky Princess Breast Cream - 21Royalties

Perky Princess Breast Cream

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A 2oz or 4oz jar of African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Coco Butter has been made with natural oils and herbs. This breast cream’s intended purpose is to lift the breast and remove the sagging nature. But has many other benefits too! Perky Princess is newly formulated with licorice root to improve scars and heal the skin. It also tones and tightens breast skin, reduces inflammation, soothes itching, fights free radicals and molecules, prevents wrinkles and aging, aids in collagen production, prevents premature sagging, and adds lasting hydration. 

Perky Princess is made with calendula flowers that can help heal wounds, scars, inflammation, rashes, and other things. Not only will you get a nice perk up, but it also may help with skin issues and ensures healing. 


Ingredients: Olive Oil, African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coco Butter, Licorice Root, Vanilla Oil, Rose, Calendula


We recommend Perky Princess be applied to the breast after a shower for better penetration and faster results.

To help the cream absorb massage the breast for 2-5 minutes. This will stimulate blood flow creating a more youthful chest.

Customer Reviews

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It does work I’ve tried everything and this was my last resort before turning to surgery I’m only 19 and my boobs were sagging horriblely and I’m finally comfortable with my own boobs again

Actually works

You definitely have to be consistent but it works. I saw a lift within a month. However I think I need the other product for skin tightening! Will buy again, also someone mentioned the product being dried out, you have to keep it somewhere room temp or warm that’s all.

Jennifer Denison
Dried out

I mentioned the consistency was dry and crumbly and was told I would receive a new product but I haven’t received.


So in all honesty I bought this and the duchess drops while drunk and hating my body. I've used them for 2 weeks now (3 times a week) and all I can say is I'm impressed. I'm a 38H and ever since high school my nipples pointed straight down, stretch marks were super deep and depressing and in the past 5 years the sag started and I'm not even 30

I had noticed after week 1 my marks weren't as deep and just now actually looked in a mirror with my standard bad posture and y'all, my nipples weren't pointing down!

I can't wait to see how they look in the future with continued use and next time I have to order I'm getting everything!

Changed my life!!

I'm a 47 y.o. mom of 3, the youngest is 17. I had given up and accepted that I would never have "normal" boobs again after nursing them. I was WRONG!! I bought the bundle and within 2 weeks, noticed a difference. I am about 2 months in and I am in love! My skin is tighter, my breasts are firmer and literally feel better and are definitely fuller. I didn't think that was possible without surgery. Thank you so much for this product. I am a customer for life!!