Perky Princess Breast Cream - 21Royalties
Perky Princess Breast Cream - 21Royalties

Perky Princess Breast Cream

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A 2oz or 4oz jar of African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Coco Butter has been made with natural oils and herbs. This breast cream’s intended purpose is to lift the breast and remove the sagging nature. But has many other benefits too! Perky Princess is newly formulated with licorice root to improve scars and heal the skin. It also tones and tightens breast skin, reduces inflammation, soothes itching, fights free radicals and molecules, prevents wrinkles and aging, aids in collagen production, prevents premature sagging, and adds lasting hydration. 

Perky Princess is made with calendula flowers that can help heal wounds, scars, inflammation, rashes, and other things. Not only will you get a nice perk up, but it also may help with skin issues and ensures healing. 


Ingredients: Olive Oil, African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coco Butter, Licorice Root, Vanilla Oil, Rose, Calendula, Candelilla Wax


We recommend Perky Princess be applied to the breast after a shower for better penetration and faster results.

To help the cream absorb massage the breast for 2-5 minutes. This will stimulate blood flow creating a more youthful chest.

Customer Reviews

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Works perfectly with the oils make sure to rub into skin for at least five minutes or more so that you can see better results.

Jasmin Montgomery
Love it !!!!!!!

When I saw your Instagram post, I was interested based on the natural resources that you use then I decided why not. I want to start investing in my body and in myself 2024, as being a new mom and just giving birth to my second baby in November, so I decided to buy your perky and at first, I noticed like it was a tingling sensation after because I started with the massages up to five minutes, and I had tender breasts for like almost a week, and in the instructions is it up to 14 weeks to results are shown, but I felt like they were more fuller and I noticed I’ll have pulsations going through my breast but around three weeks I was almost done with the 2 ounce container and I can honestly say I feel like it was working and I took it before and after, and I noticed the line that I had across from my Nipples they were lifted up more after three weeks, so I ordered your princess perky and Duches drops together, and I got a comment from the mother-in-law that’s always Trying to critique me at everything that I do physically every single aspect and she looked and she asked me if I was wearing a bra and I said no she said you put it up nice and it was like the best compliment I ever got from her and of course I did refer the Instagram link, because why not even though it will be a pleasure to harbor that would eat I would love to share


I honestly really love it! Not only does it smell AMAZING but it gives me the results I'm wanting if I use it regularly!

Melisa Garcia

I love it so much I have seen results and this is my second time buying


Since I stopped breastfeeding my son 2 years ago my boobs have been saggy and lately I’ve been using it more consistently and my boobs are definitely perkier & a little more lifted. (: