About Us

“I Was Tired of Being Bald, Insecure, and Feeling Like I Was Stuck With What I Had”.

21 Royalties was founded by Rebekka King in the middle of the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic. As I was struggling to find products out there that helped my hair grow, one night I received a recipe from an ancestor while sleeping. I was initially confused on what to use it for until I started doing my research. As I cultivated the product and started to send samples, I received amazing feedback. I had asked God in prayer what I should do with it and immediately received a vision of 21Royalties.

Since my ancestor came to me, I designed the whole theme in her honor using her two favorite colors, purple and gold for royalty. I just want to formally thank my mother for being here even though she has passed on. And God for supplying the vision.

Rebekka King Founder of 21Royalties